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With Plus Spaces™ by SP+, your guests can enjoy a new amenity that provides the ultimate convenience while also generating revenue for your property. Plus Spaces is simple and flexible – premium space locations become revenue generating simply by posting a sign in the area or space that identify them as a Plus Space.

As consumers are prioritizing time over money, your property can meet customers’ needs for these highly sought after parking spaces.

SP Plus Spaces

SP+ is able to collect parking fees for Plus Spaces through our contactless payment platform. These signs can be easily added or removed to increase or decrease the number of Plus Spaces. Having this program at your property provides the greatest level of flexibility and convenience for your guests while the large majority of parking space remain available at no cost.

This program can be deployed quickly and easily with little to no investment from the property owner and is easy to use by consumers.

How It Works

Parking Lot drawing

Enter lot and park in a Plus Spaces designated spot.

Scan to pay

Follow directions on sign to pay (QR code or text-to-pay).

Parking.com app

Pay via Parking.com Mobile App or Website.

LPR or Enforcement Officer

License Plate Recognition (LPR) OR Enforcement Officer

License plate enforcement


Trouble-Free. No upfront costs, whatsoever. SP+ will provide any required signage at our cost.

Trouble-Free. No upfront costs, whatsoever. SP+ will provide any required signage at our cost.

Golf bag with smile

Convenient. Proximity and high-visibility parking options for discerning guests.

phone in hand icon

Simple. With the simple scanning of a QR code, the customer is able to park and pay seamlessly.


Effortless. The program can be applied to one or 100 stalls, or more. You can also choose which days of the week you may or may not want it in effect.

Chart going up

New Revenue. Along with added revenue, detailed reporting and trending is provided.


Maintenance Free. With no meter or other moving parts this program has no ongoing operating costs and is completely scalable.

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