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Healthcare Facilities:
Innovative, Flexible, Adaptable


These terms describe your business. They also should describe your parking technology and operations provider.

SP+ provides technology-driven mobility solutions supporting parking management to Life Sciences clients across North America.

Our commitment to Innovation in Operation® has made us an industry leader in delivering advanced capabilities to support Life Sciences clients’ expanding performance and financial needs.

Through innovative, flexible and adaptable solutions, SP+
supports your talent acquisition & retention goals – making parking at work the easiest thing they’ll do all day.

By focusing on technology-driven solutions, SP+ offers outcomes customized to your situation at the most competitive rates in the industry.


>> Technology - Allowing employees to enter and exit the parking location with their mobile phone replacing traditional models like clickers or fobs providing a touchless model.

>> Pooling - Our technology enables your hybrid workforce to share their parking passes and meet your adjustable demand needs.

>> Flexible Parking - With flexible parking programs we can provide prepaid parking, online reservations, and monthly passes tailored to less frequent users.

Phone using App

>> Valet Assist - We can simultaneously provide a VIP experience and solve challenging space constraints through a valet or valet assist program.

>> Lease Management - We manage your lease abstracts to enable dynamic occupancy. From rate increases to occupancy requirements, no matrix is too large or complicated for us to manage.

>> Self Managed Parking - Our online platform puts the power in your employees hands to self-manage their parking needs. This alleviates time from your internal team managing employee monthly parking and validations.

>> Real-Time Analytics - Acting as a data aggregator, we bring the data together, in various analytical formats, allowing us to demonstrate patterns and relationships and share the information on a seamless platform to our operations teams and clients.

>> Consulting - As a knowledge leader in the space, we can provide property management the insight needed to properly construct the parking side of lease abstracts. Our consulting services can save many potential headaches between tenants, their employees and property owners.

>> Tenant Experience App Integrations - Our technology can integrate your new or existing Parking Control System with your tenant experience app. This creates a better user experience for your tenants by creating a one-stop-shop for all their building needs.

>> Transportation - We transport over 40,000,000 passengers annually with our fleet of over 750 vehicles.We can connect your people to your facilities and provide services such as fleet procurement, vehicle maintenance, dynamic routes and scheduling and cloud based performance management.

>> Remote Monitoring Services - Our RMS program offers online facility monitoring capabilities and off-site management solutions that can help you maximize automation investments, enhance customer service and move to a higher level of financial performance from your facility.

Clients & Testimonials

The SP+ Technology Team provides support for the evaluation and implementation of technology solutions.


The SP+ Technology Team provides support for the evaluation and implementation of technology solutions. Leveraging its industry knowledge and expertise the team assesses individual client needs, designing and overseeing the implementation of support capabilities at location and remotely

“I have worked with SP+ for around a year and I have enjoyed a very successful parking partnership. SP+ excels at understanding the dynamics of managing Life Science properties where our tenants expect the best from the moment they pull into the parking garage. Over the years, SP+ continues to evolve and provide innovative solutions to a changing workplace and transportation industry. LPC works to stay ahead of the curve with new technology and opportunities and SP+ has been a successful strategic partner to support our goals.”
David M. Vittori

For more information please contact:

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Chief Business Development Officer
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Director, National Accounts
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